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Are you looking for a technical ally who can understand your vision and work to make it happen?

Torchlight Software is a full service software development shop that can build your MVP and get you to market.

We treat every relationship as a partnership on a foundation of trust and good communication. As fellow startup founders, we understand your business goals and we are highly aware of the technology landscape. We hope you'll enjoy our straightfowardness, our dedication to great user experiences and our playful approach to getting it done. We look forward to working with you!

Working With Us


We reflect your ideas back to you as digital workflows and offer our technology expertise.


We create a blueprint and technical action plan. Our team of brilliant engineers, designers and project managers puts working software in your hands within weeks.


We help you hire and and train a team so that you and your company have a sustainable and supported product.

Is your self-reliance important to you?

It is to us.

The Torchlight Self-Reliance Program

We've been in the startup game for over a decade. Startup founders often seek out experienced consultants to build their MVP. One of the biggest problems that we see is lack of a smooth transition path into self reliance. The founder is left to figure out a number of things on their own:

  • Understanding the production pipeline of their company
  • Hiring the right technical staff
  • Training staff on the specific practices that make this company successful

These knowledge gaps leave you dependent on outside services and paying high consulting fees for long term development. We'd love to help you get your project started, but we don't want to be joined at the hip.

We want to make our practices and knowledge available to you. In order to do that we've created a learning platform that helps you as a business owner understand how to take what we've started and run with it.

We'd love to talk to you about it, and how we can serve your needs.

Tech We Build

We have made a decision for the past decade to focus on open web standards - technology that doesn't have any licensing fees and won't get deprecated and abandoned at some point. We believe we can build nearly anything you want with these technologies. If you're not sure, just get in touch and we'll be happy to tell you whether we're a good fit for your project.

Here are the most common things we build for our customers:

MVP Software Design

Our team of brilliant engineers, designers and project managers puts working software in your hands within weeks.

Web App Development

We build complex data driven applications on the web. If you're looking to launch a social or business platform, we're a perfect fit.

Mobile App Development

We specialize in hybrid mobile apps - using web technology to publish to multiple mobile platforms and save on development cost.

API/Cloud Services

We build our backend services in house, in tandem with the app features we deliver to you.

Payment Systems

We have completed both web and in person kiosk payments and we're confident in implementing your payment.


With strong Linux, Database and Kubernetes knowledge we will make sure your data is protected and your services stay online.

Our Team


Brandon Mason

Owner | Sr Developer

Kent Robinson

UI/UX Designer

Our Services

Prices vary based on project and team size.



  • Interactive Design Sessions
  • Visual Mockups
  • Proposal for specific technologies
  • Implementation roadmap

Product Development

$20K-60K /month

  • Custom design team
  • Agile sprints
  • Project status updates
  • Iterative development workflow



  • We help you hire & train your team
  • We share our business processes
  • We teach you how to rock at owning a software company

Contact Us

We want to work with people who are:

  • Changing the world
  • Values driven
  • Want to learn from other perspectives

If this sounds like you, we'd love to talk. We think that by working together to understand the world we can create better products and better companies. We care about your people, your customers, and your product.

Lets talk about your vision!

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