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Your software matters! Whether you’re automating your core business functions, or enhancing customer interactions, you want flexible tools that empower you and the people you work with.

At Torchlight Software we put our technology expertise to work designing the right solution for you. We are experienced systems engineers, and our Agile/Scrum process will give you visibility and input on your project as it takes shape.

If you’re looking for someone who will work with you on a holistic solution to your business needs, you’ve come to the right place. We build web portals, APIs, and integrate 3rd party systems into comprehensive workflows. We're happy to work with your team, and can suggest trusted partners from the local tech community.



We develop web applications in Node.js and HTML5. We use a SCRUM/Agile process based on industry best practices. Here is a full list of services we offer:



We love creating open source tools, connecting people, and sharing what we've learned. If you're interested, check out the resources below:

Github: TorchlightSoftware
Twitter: @tlsft

If you're up for checking out some local events, please feel free to join us:



Have a project or idea you'd like to discuss? We're happy to help!

Phone: 623-882-4246